Four key features your website needs right now

If you’ve ever wondered why your business isn’t attracting enough traffic, or converting those who do visit, there could be a couple of elements that are missing from your site.   By tweaking or adding a few things here and there, you are likely to see a visible improvement fast.

Most audiences are attracted by modern pages that present aesthetic themes they feel comfortable with; familiarity is something that shouldn’t be under estimated when it comes to web design.  A skilfully combined mix of functionality, art and form, will attract visitors and encourage them to stay.  Here are four tips for a successful webpage:


Web design that matches your industry

Your landing page needs to stand out in such a way that your brand is recognisable, but it should still reflect the industry you work in, along with the products and services you have to offer.   The design style should be focused on boosting brand awareness and the content should tell your story, both working in tandem to create an impression that lasts.


Offer contemporary user experiences

Sometimes visitors can’t say exactly what it is they don’t like about a website, and this is usually what happens when the design is of a low standard.  By using a designer who is aware of the latest forms of user interface, you’ll create a user experience that feels intuitive.   Better still, by opting for the types of UX that are trending right now, you’ll go some way to future-proofing your site.


Provide calls to action

The best web developers always try to anticipate how people will behave when they visit a website, and also try to guide them toward carrying out a particular action.  Call to Action buttons are an excellent form of motivation, offering people the chance to call, leave their details, or find out more, in just one click.  Add these to you web page to influence how people engage with your brand and also drive conversion rates.


Let your visitors search your site

Adding a search function lets people find what they want fast, without having to go elsewhere for the information.  Not many internet users are patient enough to navigate through more than two or three pages to find what they need, so provide a search bar so they can locate specific blog posts, products or services within seconds. It’s all about making their interaction with your site seamless and easy.

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