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5 Star Service from Original Element.

As a technically challenged individual, I found myself in need of a team to help me realize my vision to create a new website. Original Element came to my rescue and supported my thinking through the design and development of my website, working fantastically well with me to get what was in my head out into the world.

The team worked with me to agree a project plan and timeline showing how the phases of the project would be realized up front. The work outlined was all spelled out in a contract that delivered exactly what it stated with NO hidden extras. Most importantly for me, the service I received felt personal. I really believed that Chris and the Original Element team were invested in my website from the very first conversation.

The team showed creatively and technically that they have the capability to turn a layman's brief into a reality. I had plenty of opportunities to input design ideas and challenge the build phase of the project and found the team very accommodating to my demands. Chris demonstrated patience and understanding during my many questions and delivered a great training package which gave me lots of confidence.

I fully intend to use Original Element again to further develop the site and have no hesitation in recommending the team to anyone thinking of setting up a website. If a website novice like me can can do it, so can you with the help of Original Element.