Building better buttons for websites

Interactive web design frequently uses buttons; these small elements may seem simple, but in fact they can be one of the most significant aspects of any page.   So how can buttons be used to help create a better, more streamlined user experience?   Let buttons be buttons What’s the best way to ensure that visitors […]


Four key features your website needs right now

If you’ve ever wondered why your business isn’t attracting enough traffic, or converting those who do visit, there could be a couple of elements that are missing from your site.   By tweaking or adding a few things here and there, you are likely to see a visible improvement fast. Most audiences are attracted by modern […]


Make first impressions count with bold hero images

You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression and in terms of web design that begins with a great looking header.  The image you choose on your home page will have an immediate impact on your visitors, for better or worse, it can also be a deciding factor in whether they opt […]


How could virtual reality affect future web design?

We’ve all heard how recent advances in virtual reality will affect the gaming and advertising industries, but what difference could it make to web design in the future?   It’s possible that web pages could begin to feel much more immersive, enabling a user to interact with the images and information around them in a […]


Powerful images to enhance your website

The rise of better mobile technology has given people the world over more opportunities to access the web, whenever and wherever it suits them.  This huge user base has led to competitiveness amongst websites, with those which boast the best design and utility, enjoying the most customer engagement. Part of great web design is the […]


Going for a retro feel in modern web design

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘great style never goes out of fashion’, and the same is true of the best design themes.  While the methods of producing visual art, graphics and page layouts may change, some of the older trends can regularly come back into use, and one of the most popular of late, is […]


Using microinteractions to design effective websites

When they’re creating something as complex as user experience, even the smallest details get the closest attention from web designers.  The elements that are known as microinteractions, work by enabling users to understand what is happening on a site, providing feedback and making even the most complicated interface appear approachable. So what methods do web designers […]

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Design trends for your website in 2016

With a huge number of websites being launched each day, web designers have to seek out new ways of keeping the companies and brands they work for looking fresh and current.  The pages of a site should be interesting and capable of engaging an audience, but these factors shouldn’t affect its load time or clarity. […]